Killing Twitch Streamers with my Roadhog! w/ reactions (Overwatch)

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Shared March 31, 2019

Just wanted to post reactions from streamers I've killed, all for fun and no hate or beef is intended.

So, the Overwatch videos I upload typically are all Roadhog. I'll probably upload my other heroes that I'm good at too, like Wrecking Ball and Zarya. I don't want it to be all 100% Roadhog stuff (and it isn't, some of the montages contain Zarya and Wrecking Ball, sometimes Dva)... I am recording a lot more, I've got some games I want to upload to this channel and I'm working on a montage again, but that'll come with time.

Can't give an exact release date for my montage, ALL of my YouTube channel is just for pure fun, haven't made a single penny off of it. So whenever I just get the urge to start working on it, I will.

Here are all the Twitch channels of all that took part in this video: (lol i don't stream but here u go)